The 'Not-Exactly-So' Stories

This is a fictional story about the experiences of a retired couple who didn’t realize that the developer from which they were buying their chosen home, was a cowboy builder — an extremely unscrupulous building company which the subjects of this story discovered, employed staff who were particularly dishonest.

On the first day of meeting her customers, the sales negotiator lied to the buyers featured in this story, by telling them that none of the houses she had sold previously, (that were similar to the one in which they were interested) had been reduced in price. Her lies, as well as being unethical, were also fraudulent and as a result, not only contravened the rules identified in the industry regulator's code of conduct, but also breached the prevailing Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations (CPR's). The buyers did not realize the extent of her lies until many months after they had completed the purchase of the property.

In addition to the sales negotiator lying to her customers, on the first opportunity they had to visit their chosen plot identified on the plan, the site manager also agreed a course of action to the buyers, but later denied he said what both of his customers heard him say, quite clearly.

When the customers took the complaint to the industry regulator, the United Kingdom Home Builders' Protection Board, the regulator, swayed by pleas from the builder's legal department, refused to even consider the complaint, thereby implicitly endorsing the builder's actions. While the story focuses on one case, there is no reason to suppose it is unique.

In a serialized format, this fictional story recounts one particular couple's experiences of buying a Winsmead design new-build house on a development known as 'Abbot's Green' from the house builder, Gulesrank Homes. The story tells of the arguments the couple had with the builder and other organizations in trying to have the truth acknowledged; fights that were all in vain due to the inherent dishonesty of various people within the home builder and the other external bodies.

List of characters:

The following list identifies the principal characters to appear in the story, together with their job title where appropriate:

  • Arnold (Arnie) & Vera Squire: the hero and heroine of this story. The retired couple who were seeking their ultimate, ideal home.

  • Gulesrank Homes: the home construction company and the villains of this story. This is the company that breached the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 and also deftly deceived the construction industry's regulator that it had done no wrong!
  • Christine Boar: the Sales Negotiator & "Con-woman"
  • Eddie Scrivens: Divisional Construction Director & "Back o' fag packet Planner"
  • Colin Rook: original Construction Site Manager & "pathological liar"
  • Sean Matthias: second Construction Site Manager
  • Alun Watkinson: Customer Service Manager & "all–round geological genius"
  • Donald Sumpter: Customer Service Technician
  • Geoffrey Hallum: Legal Director
  • Richard Hedd: Junior Solicitor & "general bloody numpty"
  • United Kingdom Home Builders' Protection Board ('UKHBPB'): the 'Guardian Angels' for home builders

As already stated, the story of one couple's struggle to receive justice for the lies and deceit that they encountered while buying the Winsmead design house from Gulesrank Homes will be related on a periodic basis, from when they first visited the construction site on a fateful day in August 2013, until the time when they submitted their final claim to the UKHBPB, in an attempt to seek redress for the lies told by the sales negotiator.

As the events unfurl over a period of more than 2 years, the account will be split into two parts:

  • Part 1: tells the story of Vera's and Arnie's experiences during the period when they were buying the house, up until the day of legal completion.
  • Part 2: recounts some of the major problems that faced Vera and Arnie after they had moved in, including their discovery of the fact that Gulesrank Homes failed to comply with the regulatory code for the construction industry as well as the prevailing consumer protection legislation.

The content of this web site is a complete work of fiction; that fact is absolutely irrefutable. Names, characters, businesses, images/logos, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictional manner. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead; or actual events is purely coincidental.
At the end of the day; however, can British house buyers be certain that the events portrayed in this story do not happen in reality? Are home buyers' interests being defended properly by the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 that supposedly, is enforced by the country's various Tradings Standards departments?

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